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Safari Tour


What springs to mind at the mention of South Africa? Breathtaking landscapes and awe-inspiring scenery? Our Big 5? Experience both and so much more on this spectacular safari tour…

Few things evoke such a profound sense of appreciation for Mother Nature quite like the sight of majestic wildlife. The Safari Tour will take you to one of two magnificent game reserves, both of which offer so much more than unforgettable experiences.

Enjoy a scenic and peaceful drive to the game reserves, where upon arrival you will be welcomed with complimentary drinks. Then indulge in a delicious breakfast before setting off on a 2-3 hour game drive. A knowledgeable and skilled game-ranger will ensure that your safari experience has added value as you learn more about the South African landscape, our ecosystem and wonderful wildlife.

Will you spot all of the Big 5? Lions, elephants, leopards, rhinos and buffalos. Also look out for giraffes, crocodiles, zebras, wildebeest and many more, all the while surrounded with indigenous flora and fauna.

After this exhilarating game drive, unwind with an indulgent three-course lunch and a leisurely drive back to Cape Town. 

Number of Persons:234567
Total Price:R7,700R9,800R12,00014,000R16,000R18,000

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