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Cultural Tour

Half Day

The pulse of Cape Town beats from the heart of its townships. Experience an unmatched sense of community spirit on this unique township tour... South Africa has risen above its tumultuous past and towers today as a beacon of hope. This prevailing hope echoes through Cape Town’s historical townships, established as hostel areas for migrant workers during the apartheid era. Come and witness firsthand today how township communities have become an intricate and vibrant part of Cape Town culture. Our exploration of Cape Town’s once peripheral communities begins a mere 15km out of the city centre, in Langa. As one of the oldest townships in South Africa, Langa was stage to many an uprising and protests for freedom and equality during our country’s struggle for democracy. Today Langa, with its modern schools and clinics, bears testimony to South Africa’s development. In Nyanga see how poverty-stricken conditions have given rise to some of the city’s most innovative entrepreneurs. Also witness the great courage and vision that Cape Town harbours, having created platforms for self-sustainability and land harvesting in this region. Now remember the informal settlement that lined your arrival into Cape Town along the N2? That was Gugulethu. Our penultimate stop takes you into this vibrant and rapidly developing area. The Land Areas Act under the apartheid regime called for people to be relocated into areas based on the colour of their skin. Many black South Africans were forcibly moved into Khayelitsha – Cape Town’s biggest township. Khayelitsha means ‘new home’ and while it may not have seemed like much of a home during trying times, today this township is abuzz with untapped talent, potential and ever-emerging artists who are being heard, seen and significantly contributing to Cape Town’s rich culture on an international scale.

Number of Persons:1-34-7
Total Price:R3,000R3,500
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