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City and Table Mountain Tour

Half Day

This tour begins on a high – literally. Cape Town’s iconic and magnetic Table Mountain harbours tremendous spiritual energy as it gloriously towers over the city. Few people brave the strenuous climb but the view from the top is worth each strained step. Instead of the physical challenge, take a riveting cable car ride to the summit and relish in the 360 degree rotational views that this trip offers.

Now that you’ve had an aerial view of Cape Town’s vast splendour, come along on an informative drive through the heart of the city. See the pentagonal design of the Castle of Good Hope. Constructed by the Dutch in 1666, this national monument stands as the oldest building in all of South Africa.

As the legislative capital of South Africa, Cape Town is home to the country’s parliament buildings with the Company Gardens at its foot. A walk through these botanical gardens, passing aviaries, fish ponds and Japanese gardens, offers the ideal opportunity to encounter locals on a lunch break, squirrels looking for lunch or even a beautiful picnic spot where you can have lunch.

Finally, visit the Cape Malay quarter of Bo-Kaap, overlooking Cape Town’s CBD - where you’re sure to meet a baker of traditional treats, rugby fanatic or tailor -many of whom still live in the colourful and historical homes in which they were born. Learn about how Islam was first brought to the Cape and how this faith continues to unite communities across the city today. Walk Bo-Kaap’s cobble-stoned paths that will lead you on a journey of discovery through one of the few areas that has withstood the destruction of apartheid.

Number of Persons:1-34-7
Total Price:R2,700R3,200
Additional Information: 
Cable car fare not included

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