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Cape Point Tour

Half Day

You’ve travelled a far distance to touch down at the very tip of Africa. Now let SouthSun take you on one of the most scenic tours that Cape Town has to offer. Feel your spirit be enveloped by the tranquility and essence of our first stop - Hout Bay. This eclectic fishing village harbors more than quaint fishing boats. Hout Bay is home to a fascinating mix of warm and friendly people – from fishermen to businessmen.

Now that the gentle sea breeze has caressed your curiosity, prepare to be enthralled by the magnificent marine and mountainous Chapman’s Peak drive, as we curve around one the most well-designed and award-winning roads in the world today.

We stop at the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve to appreciate its internationally renowned fauna and flora of lush fynbos. Then encounter Cape Point, where the ocean amalgamates into its yin-yang – the meeting place of the cold Benguela current from the West Coast with the warm Agulhas current from the East Coast.

Our tour draws to an end in the historic Simonstown, where we explore Boulders Beach and meet the friendly masses awaiting our arrival in formal attire – the penguins. You may also
want to look out for a whale in the distance.

Number of Persons:1-34-7
Total Price:R2,950R3,500
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Excludes all entrance fees

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